Uown Leasing Taps Skit.ai’s Multichannel Conversational AI Solution To Scale Collection Operations

The Florida-based payment plan provider has chosen Skit.ai’s Conversational AI solution to streamline its collection efforts.
olegkruglyak3 / AdobeStock

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Skit.ai, the leading provider of Conversational AI solutions for the accounts receivables industry, announced today its partnership with Uown Leasing, a Florida-based provider of lease-to-own, flexible payment solutions for consumer products.

Uown Leasing has chosen Skit.ai’s multichannel technology to streamline its in-house collection efforts and handle a large portion of its consumer outreach and interactions, empowering its consumers to use their preferred mode of communication, and enabling its live agents to focus on transfers and complex queries. Thanks to Skit.ai, the company will be able to scale its outreach efforts.

“We were seeking a way to boost collections cost-effectively and without the need to add additional workforce. We began by leveraging Skit.ai to run a settlement campaign during tax season this year, with the technology adapting to our seasonal needs and business model,” said Daniel Klein, CEO of Uown Leasing. “I don’t think technology will eliminate people, but having the right point of intersection between technology and human capital is how you can scale operations and make your business successful.”

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