OneTouch Direct Launches OneTouch AIQTM

An AI driven omnichannel quality assurance contact center solution / AdobeStock

TAMPA, Fla. -- OneTouch Direct, a global business process outsourcing and collections company, today introduced OneTouch AIQTM, an AI driven omnichannel quality assurance solution. Designed to enhance and streamline oversight, OneTouch AIQTM analyzes every facet of customer interactions in real-time, flagging compliance and performance issues while uncovering critical insights. From ensuring brand and product knowledge to safeguarding our clients’ brand reputation, OneTouch AIQTM provides actionable recommendations to enhance agent training and elevate customer satisfaction. 

"As a company, we take great pride in our commitment to pioneering innovative solutions that address real-world challenges. The introduction of OneTouch AIQTM marks a significant milestone in our journey toward offering comprehensive contact center and enterprise solutions to an even wider global audience,” said Chris Reed, COO and co-founder at OTD. “We're excited to continue leading the way in delivering transformative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world."

OneTouch AIQTM is the next evolution of customer care, ensuring excellence across 100% of customer contacts, guaranteeing unmatched quality and consistency. A cutting-edge AI driven omnichannel quality assurance solution, OneTouch AIQTM elevates the customer experience, streamlines operations, and safeguards each client’s brand reputation – redefining excellence in every interaction.

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