Maine Passes Amendment on Medical Debt

Whittaya / Adobestock

On April 22, 2024, Maine became the most recent state to enact legislation aimed at limiting the collection of medical debt. The law, An Act to Prohibit Unfair Practices Related to the Collection of Medical Debt, amends Maine’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and concerns fees and interest, a litigation exemption, and the definition of medical debt. The full bill can be found here and goes into effect on August 9, 2024.

Unfair Practices and False or Misleading Representations

One of the main changes to the collection of medical debt is the prohibition on charging interest or fees. The amendment states that it is an unfair practice to charge any interest on debt or fee for collecting debt “that the debt collection knows is medical debt.” Further, implying that a fee or interest may be charged will be viewed as a false or misleading representation.

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