Superlative RM Hires John Curry as Vice President of Business Development

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Superlative RM announced today that John Curry has joined the team as the Vice President of Business Development. Curry has over thirty-six years of experience in the ARM industry, having experience in sales and marketing and debt purchasing. This announcement comes as Superlative looks to expand and compete in new markets.

Curry said, “After co-owning a receivables management company for the past twelve years, I am excited to join the Superlative team which demonstrates a strong commitment to their clients both in performance and compliance. Superlative has an excellent reputation and is at the forefront of adopting new technology solutions. I look forward to expanding their brand and helping drive the company’s growth”.  

Prior to co-founding Alpha Recovery Corp. in 2010, he served as Senior Vice President for SquareTwo Financial/Collect America, ECC Management Services, and Accelerated Bureau of Collections. Helping each organization to achieve their growth expectations, expand their client base, debt buying, and pursuing new vertical market opportunities. 

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