Halsted Financial Services Partners with Prodigal to Elevate Customer Experiences

CHICAGO, Ill. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calilf.-- Halsted Financial Services places a high value on conversations its agents have with consumers. To maximize that value, Halsted has partnered with Prodigal to utilize Prodigal’s ProNotes solution to humanize each conversation and provide additional context for its agents both before and during calls.  

Prodigal’s ProNotes solution offers agents the ability to easily view 100 percent coverage of previous call notes. By enabling each agent with ProNotes, Halsted’s agents can enter any customer conversation equipped with the full breadth of previous conversations. ProNotes also keeps the conversation focused on the customer exclusively since the agent doesn’t have to hunt around for important context. 

Through those conversations, Halsted can keep track of trends in compliments or complaints. Utilizing ProNotes has provided insight into how consumers feel. With Prodigal’s ProVoice and ProNotes, Halsted is able to learn from the positives and negatives and gain insights about consumers’ sentiments and how its agents can continue to improve.

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