Concepts2Code and SMAX Technologies Partner to Provide Real-time Integrated Consumer Portals

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Concepts2Code and SMAX Technologies are pleased to announce a partnership that allows Agencies to have a seamless and real-time integration between their Collection Software and their payment portal. The partnership enables both the consumer and the agent to have full visibility of account information including payments, documents, settlement offers and more. Online payments made on the Concepts2Code Web Portal are immediately available in the SCollect system and transactions in the SCollect system are immediately available for the consumer to view on the portal. 

The new integrated APIs eliminate tedious data file transfers and other manual steps that can delay payment processing. Instead of keeping the technology proprietary and making life difficult for clients, Concepts2Code and others are opening up their APIs to provide a more integrated and compliant software solution for far less cost but with more functionality. 

Concepts2Code provides payment portal and email/document services for the ARM industry, and interfaces with multiple Collection Software vendors to give agencies an ADA and PCI compliant solution. SMAX Technologies provides SCollect Collection Software that also provides greater flexibility and compliance options.

Concepts2Code and SMAX have been working together for almost a year. Today their users are finding out what seamless integration really means. The SCollect and Concepts2Code interface, not only integrates payments, but also emails, texts, and account notes in real-time. This advanced technology equips agents with valuable metrics such as when the consumer logged in to view their account, if any payments were made and how much, or when they sent a letter, email, or text message through the Concepts2Code portal. The system seamlessly manages Opt-Outs and Unsubscribes too. 

Sam Galbo, President of SCollect believes that integration is a progression of what clients have wanted all along. “When developing our products, it has always been our goal to truly interface with other software vendors whether it be telephony, payment, email, or texting software. Working with Concepts2Code has been a great experience for us because they share that vision. Together our organizations create and develop solutions to make it easier and less costly for the client. The upside is we have greater service offerings and a larger potential market.”

Mark Reinhard, President of Concepts2Code put it simply: “I always believe we are here to give our clients the tools to succeed. We want to create software that make it easier and more efficient to collect. Sometimes, that means working with other vendors to provide the ultimate flexibility and options to our clients.” 

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