Harvest Strategy Group, Inc. Appoints Brad McCurnin as CEO and David Ravin as Vice Chairman

DENVER, Colo. - The board of directors of Harvest Strategy Group, Inc. takes great pride in announcing the promotions of Brad McCurnin to President and Chief Executive Officer and David Ravin to Vice Chairman effective April 1, 2022. These new responsibilities support Harvest’s growth in the industry and will help distribute additional strategic management tasks between them as they pioneer new opportunities for the company. 

“Over the years at Harvest and working in the industry, I have had the great pleasure of working for the best people in the industry and making lifelong friendships,” Brad McCurnin says. “As incoming President & CEO for Harvest Strategy Group Inc., I am thankful to be working with our talented team to deliver on our mission of leading the accounts receivable management industry through partnerships, service, technology, and superior results. I look forward to taking the next step as CEO of Harvest to lead our organization and continue our growth serving the industry.” 

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