DCM Services Moves into State-of-the-Art Office Headquarters

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – March 10, 2022 – DCM Services, LLC (DCMS) the industry leader in estate and specialty account recovery solutions, has recently moved into a new office headquarters at The BLOC, located at 1550 American Boulevard E, Suite 200 in Bloomington, MN. DCM Services has seen exciting growth in recent years and the new office site offers the setting necessary for further developing employees, better servicing clients, and facilitating future growth.

The buildout occurred during Q4, 2021 and Q1, 2022. DCM Services’ suite at The BLOC features open floor plans for collaboration, a variety of meeting spaces, and exciting amenities like a 24-hour on-campus gym. DCMS occupies three floors in its suite and each floor features large windows to allow for natural light throughout the suite. Conference rooms are outfitted with new video meeting technology and all employee workstations feature motorized sit-stand desks.

The DCMS mission statement is “Inspired Create Solutions.” Chief Operating Officer Tracey Bannochie said, “At long last, we are in our amazing new space at The BLOC. An incredibly talented project team came together each week inspired to create the best office solutions for our employees and clients. The new space allows us to continue to build and enhance our culture. We look forward to hosting our clients and industry colleagues in our new space. Come visit DCMS at the BLOC!”

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