DCM Services Announces Membership with Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA)

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- DCM Services, LLC (“DCMS”), the industry leader in data and contact management solutions for the estate and specialty receivables recovery market, has become the newest business affiliate member of the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (“TRMA”). This new partnership will be mutually beneficial, allowing both organizations to share best practices, benchmarking data, and other relevant information to elevate the industry.

DCMS brings a wealth of industry and operational experience in the telecommunications industry and looks forward to working closely with TRMA to share this expertise. Subsequently, TRMA is able to provide the networking forums and tools necessary to disseminate relevant information to its diverse member base.

Senior Vice President of Business Development, Tiffany Jansen said, “DCMS is ecstatic to become members of the TRMA community. We look forward to learning even more about best practices in this industry and are eager to share our in-depth knowledge about the specialty receivables space, something we feel is very unique that we can bring to the TRMA table. The benchmarking activity, conferences and networking will be invaluable to us as we move into 2022.”

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