National Debt Holdings Donates to Support Surfside Fund for Those Impacted by the Surfside, FL Tragedy

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- National Debt Holdings, a receivables management firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL, extends its heartfelt condolences and sympathies to those impacted by the recent tragedy in Surfside, FL. In order to offer its support, National Debt holdings recently contributed to to provide aid to those impacted and invites its industry peers and colleagues to consider doing the same. 

The Surfside condo collapse took place June 24, 2021, when a 12-story residential building, Champlain Towers South, with 136 units partially collapsed. Surfside is a town north of Miami Beach, FL. Many people are confirmed dead, and many more people and families are affected by the devastating losses. As FEMA, the Florida Department of Emergency Management, and Red Cross are working to provide resources for housing and relocation assistance, Support Surfside is focused on providing immediate cash support to families and victims affected by the collapse. Volunteers working on behalf of the fund are meeting with families and victims onsite at the Family Assistance Center (FAC) to assess needs.

“The local communities are truly showing their support. The events have been heartbreaking to watch unfold, and the continued effects and devastation for victims, families, friends, and the community will resound for a long time. I know this has all been incredibly traumatic for people in the Surfside and nearby areas. We want to do our part to support those affected and are just thankful for the ability to do so. Our thoughts are with the families,” stated Jeremy Poehler, CEO at National Debt Holdings

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