AgreeYa Solutions Launches CogentCollect

FOLSOM, Calif. -- AgreeYa Solutions, a leader in software, solutions, and services, today announced the launch of CogentCollect – a web-based solution that enables firms and agencies to leverage remote working. Engineered as an anytime-anywhere collection management and automation solution, CogentCollect enables firms to gain big savings on infrastructure and manpower costs, while improving collections, optimizing operations, and ensuring compliance.

Unlike its predecessor, Cogent, which was designed as an on-premise solution for large firms to manage every aspect of their accounts receivable collections under one roof, CogentCollect was specifically created to focus on managing collections and associated business fully online from anywhere. It also decouples functionalities and features that relate to the legal aspects of collections and account receivables — such as litigation, judgment, bankruptcy, and more.

“Some of the key challenges collections agencies face amid the pandemic include higher operational costs due to challenges with IT infrastructure management; difficulty integrating and scaling tech solutions; and ensuring efficient enablement and management of remote workforces – all while still maintaining complete security and compliance,” said Ajay Kaul, managing partner of AgreeYa Solutions. “CogentCollect integrates seamlessly with third-party vendors and clients to allow for easy data flow and system integration. Additionally, its workflow design supports the ability to scale by swiftly addressing evolving business needs without the need to write a single line of code – ultimately enabling financial savings and concurrently lowering operational costs.”

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