ERC Obtains 2 Dismissals in One Day; Court Criticizes Plaintiff’s “Cookie-Cutter” Complaints.

It seems at least one judge in the Eastern District of Wisconsin appears to be tired of reviewing repeated meritless claims. On March 29th, in two strongly worded Orders, Judge Brett H. Ludwig dismissed two cases filed on behalf of consumers by the Law Office of Paul Strouse against Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC (ERC) and other defendants. Further, the consumer’s Counsel has been ordered to show the court in each case why he should not be sanctioned. The cases are Herron v. Credit One Bank, et al., case #20-cv-0844 (E.D. WI) which can be found here, and Butler vs. 1st Franklin Financial Corporation, et al., Case #20-cv-0842 (E.D. WI) which can be found here


Each case alleged that ERC and other defendants violated the FCRA by failing in their respective duties to correct and report accurate credit information to the Credit Bureaus. However, according to Judge Ludwig, both the initial and amended complaints were “sparse on details” and mere “threadbare recitals.”  

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