Thinking Differently: How Unifund Innovates

Talk about the difference between your company’s approach to innovation vs. its approach to incremental improvement.

Unifund has several loose teams focused on different types of innovation and on improvement.  I say loose because, although each team has a core of subject matter experts and key resources, folks from other areas are often involved as the output from these teams makes its way through testing, evaluation and daily operations.  Perhaps “flexible” would be a better word than “loose”.

Innovation related to what I will call existing inventory and operations resides with a crack team of data scientists and analysts.  They work in a sandbox, much like the Innovation Council, in that ideas are floated, researched and considered without too much concern for what operational roadblocks may exist.  It is very “what if…”.  The result of this has been some very creative, economical, low cost, high ROI (and proprietary, sorry…) solutions that we believe are unique to our space.  Innovation related to what I will call new consumer approaches and account treatments resides with our VP of Marketing and Innovation who in turn is assisted by Unifund’s PMO.  These efforts are less quantitative and more qualitative in that they involve creative approaches to consumers through education, reward-type programs, and alternative ways to pay down debt.

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