F.H. Cann and Associates Proud to Assist in Covid Response

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. -- F.H. Cann and Associates (FHC), a woman-owned and family-run Massachusetts business for more than 20 years, is proud to mark its first full week of successfully assisting government officials and private partners respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency, and of the aggressive response by our employees in rallying to the cause.

FHC has been a national leader in providing clients with contact center services since 1999, but traditionally with financial recovery, loan servicing, and business process outsourcing. However, with the dire need for connecting citizens -- particularly seniors -- with vaccinations, FHC has pivoted and partnered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help link these vital public health needs with the people seeking them. 

Working with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s Administration and its Department of Public Health, FHC retooled its operations rapidly to help respond to the global health emergency that has upended all of our ways of life, our economy, and our children’s education, retraining employees specifically for the pandemic and helping boost the state’s response.

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