The Trichell Offspring Saga: M.D. Fla. Dismisses FDCPA Suit for Lack of Standing

Interesting things are happening within the Eleventh Circuit and, finally, things are looking up for the industry in the litigation sphere. Back in July, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals rocked the boat with its decision in Trichell v. Midland Credit Management, where it established a no-harm, no-foul approach to standing for FDCPA claims. Trichell's progeny are flowing in at a fast clip, and we are tracking this very closely with the iA Case Law Tracker. The latest update in this sphere comes from the  Middle District of Florida's dismissal of an FDCPA claim for lack of standing. 


Trichell established that a consumer that did not suffer the harm he or she alleges does not have standing to bring the relevant FDCPA claim. In Trichell, the claim alleged that letter language could mislead consumers, but the consumer himself was not actually misled by the letter. 

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