Venandi Systems, LLC Announces the Launch of Its Proprietary Platform to Provide Verified and Non-Verified POE Data Solutions

LAKEVILLE, Minnesota — Venandi Systems, LLC announces the launch of its proprietary platform to provide verified and non-verified POE data solutions. Led by industry veteran Aaron Rose and his experienced executive leadership team, Venandi combines its technology platform with seasoned asset verification agents to provide creditors, purchasers of distressed accounts, law firms, legal networks, and other industry service providers with accurate location data. 

With Venandi, companies can transform non-performing accounts into annuity producing revenue streams. With multiple pre-established service offerings, as well as customized solutions, Venandi offers verification services that meets the needs of every budget. In addition, Venandi’s proprietary “Propensity to be Employed” suit worthiness scoring model improves account selection for legal treatment. This helps its clients focus their resources on accounts that will yield value.

“We want to make it easier and more cost efficient for companies to recover those harder to reach funds. We understand the complexity of asset location – especially as it relates to legal remedies. Our decades of experience and hands on, direct legal recovery across 100s of thousands of accounts, uniquely qualify us to provide comprehensive asset solutions and proven methods for deploying them,” said Aaron Rose, Founder and CEO.

The importance of effective legal treatment has skyrocketed in recent years. Coupled with a far more sophisticated consumer population, applying effective legal treatment has become much more difficult. Applying comprehensive ROI solutions across all aspects of the legal remedy spectrum is increasingly more necessary. Venandi is in a perfect position to help clients deploy industry leading, multi-level resolutions.

“We provide quality data at price points for every budget to help organizations stay at the forefront of the legal remedy curve. Thanks to our unique offerings, we expect that Venandi will become a market leader in an industry where every account is a potential opportunity. Our ultimate goal is to help companies reach resolution with more consumers while simultaneously providing fiscally responsible solutions,” said Rose. 

About Venandi Systems

Venandi Systems conducts nationwide location and verification of employment services for businesses that are attempting to locate account holders. We have built and refined our processes and technology to accurately locate consumers and associated employment information.

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