Santa Clara County Selects CSS IMPACT Financial Debt Collections & Ai Digital Consumer Engagement Cloud

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. -- The County of Santa Clara, known as “Silicon Valley,” the birthplace of the high technology revolution, selects CSS IMPACT Financial Debt Collections Cloud Ecosystem “HD 2.0 | COLLECTIONS” & “HD 2.0 | Ai” (Digital Consumer Engagement Artificial Intelligence Suite) as their “NextGen” Tax Information Collections Platform. CSS, Inc. is a leading provider of Next-Gen Debt Collections Ecosystems with a focus on “Ai” (Artificial Intelligence) machine learning Digital Collections. The HD 2.0 | Ai system, a “Digital First” collections & debtor engagement platform allows agencies to deploy agent-less servicing functions to negotiate, settle, make payment arrangements, receive payments & answer common questions passively & positively without changing the debtor behavior by using common IoT channels of communications, such as Google Assistant, Google Ai Voice (phone), Text, Chat, Online portals, as well as legacy channels such as Dialers, Click-to-dial mobile contacts, Text Messaging, IVRs, & emails.

Cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and now the County of Santa Clara, are leveraging CSS’s Digital First Financial Ecosystem Collections & AI (Artificial Intelligence) self-servicing Cloud platforms to deliver centralized debt management and collection automation processes with along with a frictionless Digital Consumer Engagement experience efficiently streamlining and maximizing the County’s workforce resources, enabling them to focus on increasing revenue management strategies & delivering an even greater customer service.

The County of Santa Clara, better known as the Silicon Valley, is a major hub for world renowned technology companies. As such, it is not surprising that the County is a leader in innovation and digital transformation, continuously adopting cutting-edge digital tools to deliver operational service excellence to its citizens.

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