Colorado Proposed Debt Collection Rule Changes, Stakeholder Meeting Scheduled

Whoever said that a pandemic has to stop or slow down the pace of regulatory rulemaking for debt collectors apparently didn't send that message to the regulators. Since the pandemic started, New York City issued its Limited English Proficiency Rule and the Consumer Finacial Protection Bureau reiterated its intent to have the final debt collection rules out before the end of the year (and received comments on its supplemental time-barred debt rules). Colorado decided to join the fray as the most recent state to press forward with debt collection-related rule changes while the industry—and the world—is still knee-deep in COVID-19 adjustments.

The Administrator of the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (CFDCPA) scheduled a stakeholder meeting for Tuesday, August 25 at 2pm (presumably Mountain time) to discuss amending and clarifying the rules under the CFDCPA and to solicit topics for rulemaking from interested parties. 

Proposed Changes

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