Clarification of Story Regarding NextGen Cancellation

On April 9, 2020, we published a story titled, Department of Education Cancels NextGen. The story accurately notes that ED canceled Solicitation Number 91003119R0007 for the Optimal Processing Solution (OPS) portion of its NextGen project. However, admittedly, the title of the article may have misled some to believe the entire project was canceled. It was not. There are three Solicitations associated with the project; only one was canceled. (If you're interested, this January 2019 article provides background on the three Solicitation phases.)

Additionally, our April 9th article mentions Nelnet's announcement regarding its bid for the Enhanced Processing Solution, immediately followed by mention of the cancelation of the Optimal Processing Solution. We see that this, too, may have caused confusion.

insideARM regrets any confusion the article may have caused. The Department of Education sent the clarification below regarding NextGen progress, which we share in its entirety. We look forward to reporting on the upcoming awards for the BPO and EPS solicitations that ED mentions in this statement.

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