City of Pittsburgh Selects CSS IMPACT Financial Cloud as its Tax Information Platform

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- The City of Pittsburgh selects CSS IMPACT Financial Cloud Ecosystem, “HD 2.0 | TAX”, as their “NextGen” Tax Information Platform. CSS, Inc., the developers of “IMPACT | HD 2.0”, is the leading provider of NextGen Cloud Financial Ecosystems & Tax Information Platforms with a focus on “Ai” (Artificial Intelligence) machine learning Digital Consumer Engagement solutions for enterprises & government.

CSS’s Tax Information Financial Cloud Ecosystem removes prohibitive costs in acquiring NextGen Tax & Revenue management technology, enabling City workforces to overcome critical day-to-day process challenges. Metropolitan Municipalities, such as the cities of San Francisco & Los Angeles – and now the City of Pittsburgh – are leveraging CSS’s Financial Cloud technology to deliver a centralized enterprise platform with built-in business-ready automation along with “Digital First” customer engagement processes, while efficiently streamlining the City’s workforce resources, enabling them to focus on revenue management strategies & customer care.

Pittsburgh is undergoing a dramatic technological makeover growing into a premier technology hub. Once a center for the production of steel, iron, and glass, Pittsburgh is now an advancing leader in medicine, education, healthcare, robotics, software engineering and high-tech industries naming them a top “NextTech” city. 

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