Coast Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary in Geneseo

GENESEO, NY -- Coast Professional, Inc. (Coast) recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Geneseo, NY office. In 2009, CEO Brian Davis and President Everett Stagg were confident that the Geneseo office would become home to a significant number of staff and bring economic prosperity to the Livingston County area.

Under Brian and Everett’s leadership, Coast’s Geneseo location has been remodeled three times in order to keep up with the company’s significant growth. In 2009, the building located on Geneseo’s Volunteer Road was approximately 4,000 square feet and housed just 20 employees. Now, 10 years later, that same building has grown more than five times its original size to over 27,000 square feet and can be seen from the shopping center parking lots below. The office is now home to approximately 500 employees and was named the company headquarters in 2017.

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