Three Steps Every Company Must Take TODAY To Avoid CCPA Class Action Liability

Editor's Note: This article is authored by John Rossman and Michael Etmund from the law firm Moss & Barnett, and is published here with permission from the authors.

The effective date of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was January 1, 2020.  Unfortunately, the California legislature rushed the CCPA into law with broad language and scant guidance. Further, it is presumed that consumer attorneys will target financial services companies – including banks, fintechs, automobile lenders, debt collectors and debt buyers – for alleged violations of the CCPA with individual and class action lawsuits brought under the Rosenthal Act or other provisions of State or Federal law. Thus, it is crucial that all financial services companies understand how to comply with the CCPA.  

Your company is most likely not exempt from the CCPA

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