“Balance Due As Of” Does Not Imply Balance Will Increase, According to E.D. Pa.

After several years of litigation—including multiple rounds with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals—the interest disclosure cases have carved out their own set of nuanced rules. There is safe harbor language, rules about when it can and cannot be used, rules about estimated amounts due, and a winding vine of intricacies that connect each of these depending on which jurisdiction is reviewing the case. [Editor's Note: You can track these trends with an "interest disclosure" issue-specific search in the iA Case Law Tracker!]


The Eastern District of Pennsylvania threw its hat into the race of adding yet another rule created by case law on this issue in Gardner v. Weltman, Winberg & Reis Co., No. 19-cv-2179 (E.D. Pa. Oct. 24, 2019)

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