State Attorneys General and Carriers Announce Collaboration to Stem Illegal Robocalls

Today, the State Attorneys General of North Carolina, New Hampshire, and Arkansas announced a set of Anti-Robocall Principles that, to date, have been agreed upon by twelve carriers to combat illegal robocalls. All 50 State Attorneys General, plus the District of Columbia, have also signed on.

The agreement commits the signatories to combat illegal robocalls through prevention and enforcement reflected by the following eight principles:

Principle #1. Offer Free Call Blocking and Labeling. For smartphone mobile and VoIP residential customers, make available free, easy-to-use call blocking and labeling tools and regularly engage in easily understandable outreach efforts to notify them about these tools. For all types of customers, implement network-level call blocking at no charge.  Use best efforts to ensure that all tools offered safeguard customers’ personal, proprietary, and location information.

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