MRS BPO LLC Introduces Revolutionary New AI Tool for Call Centers Using IBM Watson

CHERRY HILL, N.J.—MRS BPO LLC, a leading provider of services to the accounts receivables management industry, today announced the launch of Adam, a proprietary conversational IVR that services customers. Adam is a blend of AI and IVR which learns and expands every day. It combines state-of-the-art voice recognition technology from IBM Watson with decades of contact center customer interaction experience, resulting in a unique product that reduces cost and improves customer experience. 

Michael Meyer, Chief Innovation Officer of MRS BPO said, “Adam exists in an agile technology environment and we are always adding more intelligence and capabilities to him. We’re constantly finding new ways to make use of IBM Watson to help add more intelligence into every facet of Adam. It’s allowed us to reach a level of customer experience that is a huge win for our clients and their customers.”

Adam is a fully managed software as a service built with an adaptable framework that allows for quick integration of APIs and customization that will allow for a variety of uses. Adam greatly augments call handling. He is available after hours and can handle thousands of simultaneous calls at once. Contact centers handle a multitude of calls that are not core to their primary business. 

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