Industry Requests FCC Deem Certain Servicing Calls “Critical” and Unblockable Under New Default Call Blocking Rules

As we reported extensively back in June, the FCC recently adopted a rule allowing carriers to opt consumers using their networks into call-blocking tools by default. This means that carriers can use “reasonable analytics” to choose which calls do and do not connect with consumers based upon their analysis of whether the call is likely to be wanted or unwanted.


Although the FCC’s ruling enabling default call blocking suggested that a redress mechanism with the carriers would be created to allow callers to dispute that their calls were legitimate and wanted, there is not yet a clear path to development of such a mechanism (although the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act—if passed—would require the creation of such redress channels.) Accordingly, businesses looking to assure that their calls will yet connect when the carriers begin deploying default call blocking have begun commenting to the FCC in the hopes of having their calls deemed “critical” and unblockable by the carriers in the first place.

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