E.D. Wis. Dismisses Case Against Collection Firm Regarding Attorney Involvement Letter Disclaimer

As seen often in this industry, there are two sides to every FDCPA litigation coin. When a debt collector starts seeing one type of claim, it is expected that it will also be sued for the exact opposite as well. The current state of FDCPA litigation, the lack of repercussions to consumers and their attorneys for filing hyper-technical claims (which, according to some judges in New York, actually harm consumers), and the inability of debt collectors to recover their defense fees even if they prevail have all led to a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation for debt collectors.


One example of this is the meaningful attorney involvement claim that is frequently filed against collection law firms. Cases revolving around meaningful attorney involvement in collection lawsuits have become frequent lately. So, naturally, collection firms also see claims that they allegedly misrepresent that attorneys were involved in the matter. [Editor’s Note: Is your head spinning yet? Mine sure is.]

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