Commissioner O’Rielly’s TCPA Speech Last Week Was a Great Gift to TCPA Defendants: Here’s How To Use It

As we reported at the time, FCC Commissioner O’Rielly gave a stirring address to a crowd attending an event in Washington D.C. last week. The speech offered a brave defense of legitimate business caught up in the false and unfair anti-robocall narrative and ensnared by often-frivolous and unfair TCPA suits seeking millions or billions in penalties for simple phone calls made—in many instances—to numbers provided by consenting customers.

As a sitting FCC Commissioner, O’Rielly’s speech offered a remarkable rebuke to courts that continue to misapply the TCPA and he offered a clear roadmap to Defendants wishing to leverage the pending Public Notice proceeding regarding the scope of the TCPA to stay litigation.

Here’s how to use it.

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