RIP Medical Debt Gains Traction; Comes to Capitol Hill

Last week I was invited to attend a reception event on Capitol Hill hosted by RIP Medical Debt (RIP), a nonprofit that buys and forgives medical debt without tax consequence. The event was called “A Call to End Medical Debt.” Co-Founder Jerry Ashton said their initial goal is to abolish $1 billion in medical debt. He reported that since inception, the group has forgiven $750 million. 

RIP works with individual donors, philanthropists and organizations to purchase medical debt for pennies on the dollar to provide financial relief for those burdened by impossible medical bills. Founded in 2014 by two former collections industry executives, Craig Antico & Jerry Ashton, RIP rose to national prominence on an episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver in which RIP facilitated the abolishment of $15M in medical debt.


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