MetCredit Acquires the Collection Agency Division of Accès Crédit, a Quebec Based Credit Bureau

MONTREAL, Quebec -- In its latest asset acquisition, national collection agency MetCredit (Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd.) has acquired the collection agency division of Quebec credit bureau Accès Crédit.

“Having successfully run a physical office in Montreal for nearly 30 years, this was a logical way for us to grow,” says MetCredit President and CEO Brian Summerfelt. “We’re Canada’s leader in consumer and commercial debt collection and have had a very strong working relationship with the principals for nearly two decades. They’re a highly respected credit bureau in Quebec, and we’re ideally positioned to make a positive impact on the debt collection side for their clientele.” 

Accès Crédit was established as a credit reporting agency in 2001 and has focused primarily on the construction industry in addition to serving thousands of commercial clients in Quebec. Its mission has been to create and provide the best credit reports available in the market and maximize protection for clients in the construction industry. While the focus has always been on avoiding write-offs for clients, the collection division, developed as a complimentary service, grew to occupy a substantial position in commercial accounts receivable recovery: MetCredit’s specialty.

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