U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Triple-Whammy Case, Circuit Split on Written Dispute Requirement Continues

This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an order list addressing whether or not it approved certain cases to be reviewed by the court. The order lists one case which insideARM previously wrote about – Huebner v. Midland Credit Management, No. 18-991 --  on the list of denied cases, which means it will not be heard by the court.

We nicknamed Huebner as the “triple-whammy” petition because it asked the Supreme Court to review three relevant debt collection questions that the different Circuit Courts of Appeal do not agree on. Those three questions are:

Unlike the Circuit Courts of Appeal, where the parties have a right to have their appeal heard, the U.S. Supreme Court has discretion to choose which cases it will review. To submit a request for the Supreme Court to hear a case, the appealing party files a petition for writ of certiorari. The Supreme Court gets a high volume of petitions and only accepts a small amount of cases. For example, the order referenced above included only one accepted case and a 9 page list of cases where the petition was denied.

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