Sequium Asset Solutions Appoints Chris Zhao as Vice President of Business Intelligence & Chief Data Officer

MARIETTA, Ga. --  Chris Zhao, PhD in Mathematics from Princeton University joined Sequium as Vice President of Business Intelligence & Chief Data Officer. Chris brings over 30 years of hands-on IT and leadership experiences in Software engineering, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, and Data Science. Prior to joining Sequium, he had been a Senior Consultant for UPS, Credit Suisse, Thomson Reuters, IPSOS, and Bain Capital, covering multiple business domains and industries. In consumer behavior analytics, Chris developed active index algorithms leveraging integrated consumer and behavioral data, and created tremendous values for his business clients. Chris was also adjunct professor at Rider University and Peking University. He is a graduate of Princeton University with Ph.D. in Mathematics.

"We are thrilled to have Chris as a member of the Sequium Family", says Greg Schubert, President and CEO at Sequium. "Chris will spearhead our already complex and sophisticated business intelligence units focusing on Business Optimization, Advanced Machine Learning and Segmentation models. The future of this industry is converting data to actionable information to improve performance, efficiencies, and decisions matrices. The addition of Dr. Zhao will take us to a whole new level and we are excited beyond words as to the possibilities."

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