The Axiom Group Announces $60MM Available for Deployment in 2019, Hires Veteran Industry Executive as Director of Acquisitions and Sales

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Axiom Group (Axiom) announces the availability of an additional $60MM for deployment in 2019 for purchasing and joint ventures of distressed, charged-off and debt settlement portfolios going into 2019. Axiom has also hired, Kristin Dougherty, a well-known industry executive, as their new Director of Acquisitions and Sales.

“Roger and Jae are at an exciting point in Axiom’s growth. Axiom has raised the bar with superior compliance, certifications and systems to accommodate increased acquisitions. Roger and Axiom have a superb reputation with their specialized niche and have developed a solid foundation,” said Ms. Dougherty. “It had to take a special opportunity to add this to my plate. I couldn’t pass up the chance to be a part of this team!”

2019 will mark Ms. Dougherty’s twentieth eighth anniversary in the industry, and in 2013, she began an entrepreneurial venture creating and selling athletic and equestrian apparel under her brand equipparel ®, which she continues to watch flourish. Ms. Dougherty joined Unifund in August 2011 as its Vice President of Sales & Marketing, managing its National Portfolio Sales, Government Services and Portfolio Enhancement Products. She is the President of Dougherty Consulting Group. Ms. Dougherty was the Senior Vice President of Sales for Collect America, which became SquareTwo Financial, as well as their Government Affairs Liaison in Denver Colorado until 2009 and held several executive positions throughout nine years in her first turn at Unifund in Cincinnati, Ohio starting in 1991. She uses her extensive skills and unique experience to assist new and established companies find value in their business, sourcing additional revenue streams and portfolio partnerships, aligning strategic vendors, and shifting her clients to new levels of efficiency and success.

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