How To Encourage Consumers To Handle Their Debts During Tax Season (sponsored)

You may not be thinking about the 2019 tax season yet — but you should be. In fact, now’s the ideal time to start contacting consumers about settling debts using their tax refunds.

Why? Because according to IRS data, in 2018, 72% of consumers who filed a tax return received an average refund of $2,8251. You have an opportunity to capture a piece of that all that extra cash — if you follow this advice.

According to IRS data, 50% of all 2018 refunds were issued on or before March 9th 1. If you wait too long, you could miss out on half the opportunities to collect from consumers who receive a tax refund. You also don’t want to hit them when the cash is burning a hole in their pockets. Instead, contact them before they’ve received their refunds.

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