Improve Efficiency and Reduce Risk with Inventory Segmentation (sponsored)

As part of a four-part blog series on best practices for third-party collections, we are exploring portfolio segmentation. In our first post, Inventory Segmentation 101: Back to Basics,” we tell you why the segmentation process matters. In Portfolio Monitoring: The Definitive Guide,” we discuss why account monitoring is critical to segmentation efforts. In the third post, “Managing Risk — and Protecting Your Bottom Line — With Smarter Segmentation,” we tell you how to use segmentation to manage risk.

Your greatest asset — and biggest expense — is manpower. With margins continually tightening, it just makes sense to focus employees’ time and effort on an effective  way to generate revenue: targeting consumers who have an ability to pay, and de-prioritizing the ones who are more trouble than they are worth.

Here are three groups that are typically a waste of time and resources, and could land you in legal hot water if you continue to target them:

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