VeriFacts Brings Back Old Favorite to Maximize Location Speed

STERLING, Ill. -- VeriFacts Inc. (VFI) has announced the debut of Stride, a systematic verification program designed to consolidate efforts, keeping costs down while providing new information as it becomes available.  This program has streamlined the locate process, focusing efforts and labor to maximize return without breaking the bank.

Stride minimizes security and compliance risks by consolidating inventory management strategies, all in Sterling, Illinois, never offshore.  This unified waterfall process contains integrated inventory maintenance, putting the client in control of refresh and recalls.

How It Works:  The trigger process notifies the tracer of any movement, allowing for continuous monitoring of accounts.  The researcher is alerted of any new activity and follows new leads to find assets quickly and efficiently.  The Stride program maximizes speed to location with national coverage from all types and sizes of employers. This program accesses fully FCRA compliant information through VFI’s forever increasing data sources.

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