Kaulkin Ginsberg and Collection Quotient Consulting Announce the Launch of Fed Debt Opps™

GERMANTOWN, Md. -- Kaulkin Ginsberg Company (KGC) and Collection Quotient Consulting (CoQc) are pleased to announce the launch of Fed Debt Opps, a joint venture designed to help collection agencies and related service providers enter, or expand within, the burgeoning $400+ billion Federal Government debt collection and call center marketplace.

When accounts receivable management (ARM) industry providers think about servicing the Federal Government, they typically focus on the Department of Education (ED), Department of Treasury (Treasury), or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Most ARM executives don’t realize that service providers received nearly $1 billion in fees from non-ED creditor agencies since 2007. Furthermore, Fed Debt Opps analysts have identified a large, untapped market beyond established federal contracts. Federal agencies hold pools of uncollected, delinquent debt representing nearly $40 billion in additional debt not currently under active internal, third-party, or Treasury collection programs.

Using the actionable data that KGC’s research team gathered from official government sources, and the trusted expertise of CoQc’s Randy Kamm, Fed Debt Opps shortens the federal sales cycle by at least a year, saves thousands of dollars in time and resources chasing low-probability of success request-for-proposals (RFPs), and provides companies with the tools and insight needed to effectively capture Federal Government debt contracts.

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