Credit Adjustments, Inc. Announces $50,000 Gift to Hope of the Heart of a City Campaign

TOLEDO, Ohio -- At a check presentation on Tuesday, September 25, The Tabernacle Church announced a $50,000 gift to their Hope for the Heart of the City Campaign. The gift was made via Credit Adjustments, Inc., an industry leader in receivables management headquartered in Defiance, Ohio.

The donation will support a project designed to renew and revitalize the city of Toledo. The Tabernacle is conducting a five-year, $3 million campaign to fund the expansion and outreach of the church. This Hope for the Heart of a City initiative embodies traditions of compassion and collaboration with the purpose of serving not only Toledo, but also surrounding communities for years to come. This will allow the church to expand existing programs, start new initiatives, engage in new neighborhoods and use this synergy to help transform Toledo.

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