Numeracle and NobelBiz Team Up to Provide Trusted Local Caller ID Management Solutions

ARLINGTON, Va. -- Numeracle™, Inc., the pioneer of robocall blocking and labeling visibility in the calling ecosystem, and NobelBiz™, leading innovator in the contact center technology industry, announced today at the 2018 PACE Washington Summit, a collaborative engagement between the two companies to provide trusted local caller ID management solutions delivering enhanced brand protection and improved campaign performance.

The Numeracle and NobelBiz intelligent local caller ID solution combines patented outbound calling technology with advanced data analysis on call delivery metrics to increase customer engagement by establishing a trusted local presence. By presenting a geographically familiar number to the calling party, this fully-compliant solution increases contact rates and call backs while also improving brand reputation by ensuring incoming calls to consumers are not incorrectly displayed as FRAUD or SCAM.

Local caller IDs are registered across the network to improve successful call delivery by verifying the calling party’s identity as a trusted entity and minimizing the likelihood of an incorrect or fraudulent label being displayed to the consumer. Through the addition of risk rating analysis from Numeracle, NobelBiz’s patented automated number rotation is now able to identify and remove numbers flagged by robocall detection technologies as ‘high risk’ in order to preserve the favorable calling reputation of the call originator.

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