DCM Services Celebrates 20-Year Milestone

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- DCM Services (DCMS), the industry leader in estate and specialty account recovery solutions, celebrates 20 years as an organization in 2018.

Founded in 1998 as Balogh Becker, LTD., DCMS has become the leading estate recovery solutions provider for financial services, healthcare and telecom organizations. DCMS provides unmatched results to its customers by developing technologies that focus on compliance, performance and the customer experience.  

“Throughout its evolution, DCM Services has created a strong reputation for building superior proprietary technologies, consulting closely with its clients, and remaining committed to our cultural values that are reflected throughout the organization,” said Tim Bauer, chief executive officer. “We have been on an incredible journey as an organization over these last 20 years. We have achieved this milestone through the creativity, hard work, and innovation of our team members as well as the partnerships that we have been able to form with our strong customer base.”

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