Study Weighs “Accuracy” of Carrier Robocall Detection

A recent study weighed popular phone carriers against each other in how accurately each carrier detects robocalls and spoofed calls.

In the robocall context, the Mind Commerce study looked at how often the carrier identified a number that is “problematic” in order to determine accuracy. Of the major carriers, the study found that Verizon’s “Enhanced Caller Name ID” led the pack by detecting problematic numbers 93.6% of the time, followed T-Mobile’s “SCAM ID in Combination with Name ID” at 90.1% detection and AT&T Wireless’s “Call Protect” with 86.9% detection.

On the call spoofing category, Verizon far outweighed the other carriers on detection. According to the study, Verizon detected spoofed calls 98% of the time, followed by T-Mobile at 64% and AT&T Wireless at 60%.

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