$1.4 Million in Medical Bills Erased by Donation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hundreds of people throughout the Kansas City metro area headed to their mailboxes last week and found that their past-due notices and reminders for unpaid medical bills had been replaced with letters declaring that their debts had been forgiven. Even more surprising was that a group of local doctors and nurse practitioners, The Midwest Direct Primary Care Alliance (MDPCA), was behind the debt relief.

Pulling from their own coffers, these independent primary care providers donated over $10,000 to buy $1,474,987.25 in unpaid medical bills belonging to area residents who had been sent to collections by hospitals and clinics throughout the region.

The providers then partnered with nonprofit organization RIP Medical Debt to forgive the $1.4 million in debt that had previously been the burden of 784 people. Letters noting the debt relief were sent out to recipients last week; impacted individuals will likely come forward with their stories after hearing of this initiative through press and learning that this isn’t fraud -- it’s a gift of debt relief, no strings attached.  

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