LucentPay Partners with Applied Innovation to Offer Payment Solutions

CHANDLER, Ariz. -- LucentPay, a full-service payment processor leading the industry in No-Cost-to-Biller processing, announces a new partnership with Applied Innovation.  The partnership will enable Applied Innovation to offer clients traditional payment processing as well as No-Cost-to-Biller option for credit cards, debit cards, and ACH transactions.

“LucentPay is excited about the partnership with Applied Innovation. LucentPay’s No-Cost-to-Biller solution being fully integrated into Applied Innovation’s product suite provides their clients access to the most compliant and highest adopted No-Cost-to-Biller solution for the accounts receivable market,” said Rob Kennedy Co-Founder and CEO of LucentPay.  

The partnership offers accounts receivable management companies the ability to collect faster with full virtual negotiation abilities. This compliant solution with significantly  lower costs compared to traditional payment processing. 

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