DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. Announces Patented Payment Technology Licensing

OGDEN, Utah — DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. has obtained licensing from payment software hub PDCflow as the only collection software platform officially licensed to use the patented embedded browser technology (US patent no. 9,799,029) known as Secure Entry Overlay.

The overlay technology is fully integrated in the DAKCS’ payment process through the use of an inline frame (iframe). The iframe embeds PDCflow’s secure server on top of the Beyond software platform, accepting and tokenizing a credit card number. This level of integration provides the users with the feeling of remaining within one interface rather than being redirected to another company’s payment form.

“We are constantly working to improve efficiency, and reduce risk for our customers,” says Lex Patterson, President of DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. “We’re excited to be the first collection software platform to be able to offer this level of integration and protection.”

PDCflow’s patented technology works by allowing DAKCS to place a secure, PCI certified websitedesigned as a credit card entry fieldin the Beyond ARM system. When the customer processes a credit card payment, the card number enters PDCflow’s website and is then tokenized. The token is returned and safely stored in Beyond, to be used for future payments. This allows PDCflow to provide processing services while removing all PCI responsibilities from the DAKCS Software platform and greatly reduce the scope of PCI compliance for their customers.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to work with companies like DAKCS Software to benefit their merchants with our patented Secure Entry Overlay technology,” says Matthew Snedden, Chief Operations Officer of PDCflow. “Although DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. is the first company which can actively use this patented technology, we hope to expand our licensing through core software providers in every industry vertical.”

About DAKCS Software Systems

DAKCS Software Systems is an industry leader in simplifying the process of collections and accounts receivable management. By creating highly configurable, innovative cloud and on-premise software solutions, DAKCS offers a way to run your business faster and more efficient. For over 35 years, DAKCS has delivered on service, automation, and flexibility in one central collection software platform for all types of business. To learn more about DAKCS, visit www.dakcs.com or find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

About PDCflow

PDCflow’s Payment Hub offers a single platform for Accounts Receivable teams to quickly send an invoice, collect a credit, debit or ACH payment and obtain a signature in one simple and secure workflow. The software offers text, email, chat and IVR payment channels, a customizable online payment portal and robust reporting ideal for debt collection agencies, medical billing companies, hospitals and healthcare organizations. Programming and customer operations for PDCflow’s national client base have been completed in-house in Ogden, Utah, since the company’s founding in 2003. Find out more about PDCflow on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, or visit www.pdcflow.com.