Kaulkin Ginsberg Releases Prime Insights on KG Prime

GERMANTOWN, Md. – Kaulkin Ginsberg announced the release of Prime Insights on KG Prime, its members-only, comprehensive strategic information portal available exclusively to the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. Prime insights provides a space in which subject matter experts (SMEs) can publish their thoughts and opinions on critical and timely matters impacting the ARM industry in an informational and unbiased setting.

“We launched this section in order to provide our Members with objective interpretations of challenges they may face in the field, expert opinions, and forward looking insights,” said Mike Ginsberg, president and CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg. “KG Prime is the only membership required site in the ARM industry so our SMEs are very comfortable providing their unabridged viewpoints on critical, strategic level topics without being concerned about vulture attorneys and non-ARM professionals accessing their information.”

SMEs will contribute to Prime Insights by writing short blogs regarding micro and macroeconomics, international occurrences, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, compliance, tech advancement, regulatory matters, and client service markets. Their knowledge and expertise will assist Members when facing operational and business challenges, and confront these critical matters in a constructive way.

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