Mulvaney Comes to Nominee Kraninger’s Defense

Over the weekend The White House announced that a little known Office of Management and Budget (OMB) associate director, Kathy Kraninger, would be President Trump's pick to replaceme acting BCFP director Mick Mulvaney. As we reported yesterday, criticism was swift and harsh from both liberals and conservatives.

Today in his capacity as her OMB boss, Mick Mulvaney came to her defense with this statement,

“I have never worked with a more qualified individual than Kathy. Her commitment to the law, to protecting consumers and to defending what works in our vibrant financial services sector, all while respecting hard-working taxpayers who pay their bills and play by the rules ensures that the Bureau will be in good hands throughout her term. Vigorous independence, sharp-as-a-tack intelligence, and simple, old-fashioned, Midwestern humility makes her the ultimate public servant. From navigating and interpreting how the federal government supports and regulates financial services for key stakeholders to helping stand up a brand-new federal agency when she was at the Department of Homeland Security in its earliest days, she has the kind of experience Washington so desperately needs. I know that my efforts to rein in the bureaucracy at the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection to make it more accountable, effective, and efficient will be continued under her able stewardship.”

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