PDCflow Enhances Payment Hub to Allow for Secure Web Chat Payments

OGDEN, Utah -- PDCflow announces another step forward for payment technology with its new web chat payment feature. With this product, businesses can send a payment form directly to their customers through the online chats used by their customer service departments.

The web chat payment tool seizes on the growing trend of web payments. Now when an employee is assisting consumers through a company’s chat feature, they can provide a secure payment input screen, called a “payment flow” during their conversation. This prompts consumers to make their payment while they are still in direct contact with customer service, increasing the number of successful payments received.

“Our new web chat payment feature allows your consumer to quickly and easily make a payment without leaving the conversation with your representative,” says PDCflow National Sales Executive, Heather Harris. “No more directing them to a website or referencing them to a statement. They can now make a payment more directly through the chat conversation.”

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