Kaulkin Ginsberg Announced the Next Collaboration on KG Prime

GERMANTOWN, Md. Kaulkin Ginsberg announced LocateSmarter as the next addition to the network of experts on KG Prime, its members-only, comprehensive strategic information portal available exclusively to accounts receivable management (ARM) professionals. LocateSmarter will be providing unique insights regarding skip tracing and dialing strategies.

When asked why LocateSmarter decided to team up with Kaulkin Ginsberg for this collaboration, Jonathan Brooks, president of LocateSmarter, explained “The LocateSmarter team has an in-depth knowledge of skip tracing best practices and the critical role skip tracing plays in the accounts receivable industry. We are happy to offer up our insight and share this information with the members of KG Prime.”

Current KG Prime information provided by LocateSmarter includes “3 Steps to Increasing Right Party Contacts with Dialing Analytics”, “5 Factors that Affect Right Party Contact Rates”, “3 Tips to Get More From your Re-Skip Process”, and “The Pros and Cons of Different Phone Append Tests”.

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