You May Need to Adjust Your Calling Practices: Verizon

If you haven't yet learned about efforts by carriers or software providers to block or label automated calls to consumers, you soon will. Or at least you certainly should. When you dig in, you'll learn that there are more than 500 application (app) providers, which consider themselves 'editorial services,' and four major carriers (though there are many more smaller ones) which have recently been given permission by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to a) not deliver certain calls and b) provide their customers with the ability to opt-in to additional blocking/labeling services to help avoid fraudulent or unwanted calls.

All of this has left the heads of legitimate call originators spinning. Recently, Verizon posted guidance for these firms on its website. The carrier suggests the following best practices, which can help avoid being blocked or inappropriately labeled.

Follow practices known to constitute good call center hygiene.

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