Jury Reaches Verdict in CFPB Case Against Collection Law Firm

A Cleveland publication has reported that the jury in the case of CFPB v. Weltman, Weinberg & Reis (WWR) has reached a mixed verdict, but that the judge has decided to issue his own decision.

As insideARM recently reported, just about a year ago the CFPB filed suit against WWR, alleging that the firm deceived consumers with misleading calls and letters. A fundamental issue in the case is the fact that there is no formal definition of “meaningful review” of lawsuit documentation – 30 seconds? 5 minutes? 2 hours? The issue went to trial on April 30 and concluded last Friday.

The jury decided that the initial demand letters sent by WWR did contain “false, deceptive or misleading representations or means.” However, the jury also said the CFPB had not proved the firm’s attorneys were not meaningfully involved in the debt collection process. (emphasis added)

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